GEW ver.2

KML sample with animation

Installation Instructions

Supported OS: Windows. Mac users need to contact me.
  1. Install Google Earth if it is not already installed.
  2. Launch GEW ver.2 (PLEASE READ BELOW)
    If the application does NOT launch (not my fault) and instead a page with the source opens, do the following:
    1. Save the file as: GEW2.jnlp (right click and Save Target As...). Make sure you save it with extension .jnlp.
    2. Double click the GEW2.jnlp to launch the latest version of GEW.
    3. The above step downloads, installs, launches the application and also creates a shortcut on your desktop. Now you can delete the GEW2.jnlp file, use the newly created desktop icon to launch the application.



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